When you look for the best, you search for those who know it all. You need an expert in the field who understands the entire system; not just one portion.
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HVAC systems are complicated, with intricate parts working together as one whole unit. Some repair technicians are just that, without the full knowledge of how each component integrates with all the others.

We offer service, repair and installation of:
  • Air conditioning units
  • Heaters
  • Ventilation systems

AC Services in Lake Forest, CA Not just repair. We do it all. And we go beyond a simple air conditioner or heater. The entire system, with all its unique needs, takes a full complement of knowledge. Fully versed with installation and maintenance, we hold insights as to why a part may fail and quickly fix the problem, saving you money.

Our team believes in comprehensive training for all our technicians, allowing them to truly hold the status of expert. When you call on us, you join hundreds of individuals – both residential and business owners alike – who already know who we are and what we represent. Our experts at Capistrano Air go well beyond a mere fix. We ensure only one thing at the end, that you hold 100% satisfaction for the work performed. Not Your Grandfather’s HVAC

When you call upon the experts for air conditioning repair in Lake Forest, rest assured our technicians understand the difference between the systems of today and yesterday. For just a decade ago, these units did not remove certain allergens, hold a consistent humidity level and reduce pockets of temperature changes throughout the building, as they do today. HVAC systems now are more efficient, by over half. To fully offer professional services, our experts understand the traditional as well as the contemporary systems and all the nuances for each.


When choosing your HVAC experts, just know that not everyone is factory-authorized. We hold this status because we are trusted with the manufacturing companies and are granted the air conditioning repair in Lake Forest, as well as the service and installation duties for the area. Our team takes this seriously and ensures that our technicians make us proud when out in the field. We have earned this right and prove ourselves worthy to retain it.

Repair and Service

Having a full grasp of the differences for air conditioning repair in Lake Forest between various HVAC systems is only the beginning. In order to feel the privilege of a comprehensive service, you need your technician to have handy the part that will bring a non-functional unit to the status of working and reliable once again. Our folks leave with fully-stocked service trucks that include just what they need to get the job done – without the hassle of making a run to the warehouse, which only means more discomfort for your home or business.

On Time, Anytime

We get it. We have an HVAC system in our offices and homes too! So when you call to say you need a bit of help – Right Now! – we are on our way. When it is burning hot outside, or cooler than comfort allows, you need a quick fix, done right. So night or day, rain or shine, summer or winter, you can rely on our quick response to your needs. Professional and Courteous

It may not be your grandfather’s HVAC, but your grandmother would approve of us. We know true customer service; professional, considerate, polite, and sympathetic. That’s why we have been in business for over three decades! Give us a call today for scheduled service and keep us in mind for an emergency.